Thursday, October 6, 2011

I can do it!

Just for those of you who doubt - I can organize!  Really!  Today, it was this:

 You can see that the gnomes have been hard at work.  You can't even see the 4 globes over to the left hand side.  Those were one of the first things to go.  Can you spot the problem with them? 
I last saw one of these in 6th grade!               

My co-workers and I spent almost two hours after school getting rid of a bunch of this stuff.  Yes, I know...we teachers are only supposed to work 4 hours a day.  However, sometimes we just get desperate. 

After Veronica and I tried to actually get something out of this closet, we decided that we (plus Carol) would be janitorial staff this evening.  We filled an entire dumpster.   Yes, starting with a completely empty one. 
Yup.  Records, slides & monster computers to play them.

We don't even have the equipment to use some of these things anymore!    Can you imagine if we tried to get the kids to use one of those monster computers?!  I even threw out some software that was on 5 1/4" disks.  I'm not sure you can find anything to read those anymore!

In addition to the dumpster full, we had quite a collection of old electronics.  We didn't throw that stuff away though - just turned it over to the office so they could send it to the warehouse.  But someone else can clean out the warehouse!

Doesn't it look better!

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